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Questions & Answers

What should you expect in visiting Dr. Macellari?

A neuropsychological evaluation usually consists of a combination of an interview and testing. The first appointment will be an interview lasting approximately 45 minutes. It will consist of meeting and providing pertinent information that the doctor must review. You will be asked about your symptoms, medical history, medications, and other background information. After the initial evaluation, Doctor will determine whether neuropsychological testing, clinical visits or additional medical referrals are indicated.


Neuropsychological testing involves taking paper-and-pencil and/or computerized tests and answering face-to-face questions. The time required for testing depends on the problem(s) being assessed. A full battery of tests is very thorough and involves a variety of tasks. It most often takes several hours. Other testing sessions usually require less time.


Please be sure to bring your glasses or hearing aids if you use them; take your daily medicine and try to rest and relax before your evaluation. Remember, there is no way to study for this type of testing. Most people find these tests to be very interesting and informative.

What insurance companies do we accept?

The Mishawaka location accepts Medicare, BCBS/Anthem, Cigna, Meritain, and Aetna. This office will work with your insurance company to provide you with the best affordable care.

We no longer accept the following insurances:

Humana, United HealthCare, Traditional Medicaid, Healthy Indiana Plan, Managed Health Care, Hoosier Care Connect, Hoosier Healthwise, Auxiant, AARP, New Avenues, Care Source, MdWise, Allwell, Ambetter, Cenpatico, Anthem Medicaid, and Anthem MediBlue.

Though we will submit your insurance information and work with your companies, timely payment is ultimately your responsibility.


For our patients convenience, we accept Discover, Master Card, Visa, and personal checks.


Any patient seen through the Memorial Hospital Outpatient Therapy Services location (MOTS) will be billed through the hospital system.


Are there any cases that Dr. Macellari doesn't accept?

Dr. Macellari is no longer accepting any Developmental Disability cases, Workmen's Compensation cases, or evaluations for any patients under the age of 25. 


Do you need a referral to see Doctor?

You must have a referral to be seen by Dr. Macellari. Please call our office if you are in need of assistance in obtaining a referral.


Who should refer you?

Usually, your primary care physician or specialist will provide the referral. This is not always the case, as attorneys, insurance agents, case managers, or even judges may also generate referrals. Please call with any questions.


How long does a visit/testing usually take?

An initial visit usually takes 45 minutes. Other office visits depend on the reason for the appointment. Most individual therapeutic sessions are 45 minutes, unless otherwise determined. Testing can take anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours per session. The type of services needed will be determined after the initial interview, so the patient can be scheduled accordingly.


Where is testing done?

Depending on the type of testing, you will either be seen in Dr. Macellari's private office or the testing lab. All patients will continue to be seen at the site of their initial visit.


Does Dr. Macellari conduct individual therapy as well as testing?

Yes, Doctor's practice is not limited to neuropsychological testing. In fact, much of his patient care is dedicated to individual consultation, psychotherapy and pain management.


How quickly can you get in to see the doctor?

While times can vary, one can generally expect to be scheduled within two weeks. Since sessions last at least 45 minutes, Dr. Macellari can only see a limited number of patients per day. It is important to contact the office as soon as you receive your referral if your doctor hasn't already done so.

Can family members attend counseling sessions?

Yes, this is the patient's prerogative. In testing, however, it is doctor and patient only.


What age groups does Dr. Macellari treat?

Doctor sees a wide range of patients from preadolescent (10+ yrs.) through older adulthood (90+ yrs.).


Urgent sessions and telephone visits are sometimes necessary and scheduled as needed. If necessary, multiple successive appointments can be scheduled.


Will you get a call reminding you of your appointment?

If you choose, you can receive a telephone call the workday prior to your visit to remind you of your scheduled appointment.


Is Dr. Macellari an M.D.?

No, he is a Ph.D. This is a Doctor of Philosophy. Specifically Dr. Macellari's Ph.D. is in Clinical Psychology with a specality in Neuropsychology. A clinical neuropsychologist does not prescribe medication, however, he often confers with your other caregivers in determining how medications effect your behavior. Through this manner of teamwork, a patient is treated through scientific methods in health, mind, and spirit. It is asked that you provide Dr. Macellari with a list of your current medications and doses.


Will I be charged for a cancellation?

Appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice will result in an assessment of half the fee charged for a full session.


Should you fail to keep a scheduled appointment without any advance notice (i.e. "no show"), you will be assessed the full session rate fee.


Insurance policies will not cover costs incurred due to missed appointments.


We understand there are emergencies, so please call if you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment or will be late. An answering machine is set up to take messages when either Dr. Macellari or Kim are not available to answer the telephone.



If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Our Office Manager, Kim.

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